Amrood (Guava ) Chutney

Sometimes you just need that smack of flavours, punch or colour to make whole creation worth it. That is all that the humble chutney has done for years, quietly from the sideline. These are an integral part of our cuisine since ages. Our thalies do not complete without lip-smacking chutneys or relish. Chutneys can be prepared with veggies, herbs and fruits as well. Here is the recipe of Amrood (guava)  chutney to set the mood of your meal
Though the methods to make guava chutney are numerous, I have made a cooked version out of this wonderful fruit. I gave it a south Indian tadka which has made it more relishable. This is not a mushy or finely blended chutney but has a texture and little bite there. This is sweet and little tangy as I finished this with lime juice. Semi-ripe Indian guavas or Thai variety (if available) is ideal to take as they have fewer seeds
Preparation time – 10 minutes
Cooking time – 20 minutes
Type – side dish
Cuisine – Indian
Semi-ripe  Amrood or guavas  – 2 medium sized or 200 gms
Gur or gaggery – 100 gms or tastewise
Whole red chillies – 2-3 nos
Mustard seeds, fennel seeds, methi /fenugreek and cumin seeds – 1 tsp each
Salt and red chilly powder – 1 tsp each
Mustard oil – 1 tbsp
Juice of 1 lemon
1-  First, of all remove the core of guava to avoid seeds
Chop them into fine cubes. Seeds are necessary to remove
As they feel hard to chew
2-  Heat oil to smoking point and switch off the flame for a while to cool down the oil. Switch on again and add whole red chillies, mustard, cumin, methi and fennel seeds and stir. Add chopped guavas and stir well.
3-  Cook guavas covering with lid until they become soft. Add red chilly powder, salt and gur/jaggery
4-  Allow the gur/jaggery to melt completely. Next mash guavas with a masher to incorporate everything well

5-  No need to make the paste but a texture and bite should be there. Switch off the gas and let it cool a little. Add juice of 1 lime and stir well. Lipsmacking sweet-sour amrood chutney is ready to relish

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