Chana dal Dosa/ How to Make A Crisp Chana Dal Dosa


I often make dosa and love to do experiments with it. As this is one of our favourite foods, I try to make it with different ingredients each time. This time I added chana dal in the batter,  reducing the quantity of rice as Chana dal not only keeps you full for hours but also controls the level of blood sugar. Though the perfect ratio of rice and urad dal in a normal dosa is 3: 1 but I added chana dal as the main ingredient and the outcome made me quite an enthusiast! Chana dal makes a crisp dosa

I add chana dal(split Bengal gram) to my day to day menu and cook several dishes with it. This dal is so healthy and versatile that when paired with other ingredients, make yummy dishes like methi-khotimbir vadi, chana dal palak curry, chana dal lauki, Chana Dal Fara or chana dal khichri. And this time yummy and crisp chana dal dosa with this dal is on the top of my favourite dishes. I like to eat this with sambhaar and chutneys


Preparation time – 10 hrs Cooking time – 4 minutes for each dosa Course – Main/ Breakfast Cuisine – Indian(South India) Author – Bharti Dhawan


• Chana Dal/Split Bengal Gram – 1 cup/100 gms

• Urad Dal/Split black gram – 1/4 cup/25 gms

• Short Grain Rice/Idli-Dosa Rice – 1/2 cup/50 gms

• Water to soak dals and rice +Sufficient Water to make a batter

• Oil – 1 tbsp

• Salt – 1 tsp or to taste

• Fenugreek seeds/Methi dana – 1/2 tsp

• Ginger paste – 1 tsp

• Green chilly paste – 1 tsp

• Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

Instructions For Fermentation

1- Rinse and soak chana and urad dal with methi dana for 5 hrs. Soak rice separately for the same time period

2- Grind dals and rice in batches adding sufficient water. The batter should neither be too runny nor too thick. Keep this batter for 5-6 hrs for fermentation in summers and 8-9 hrs in winters

Making Of Dosa

1- Add required water salt, ginger, and chilly paste. Now whisk the batter for 3-4 minutes continuously to make it light

2- Firstly drop some oil on tawa or girdle and wipe it with a kitchen towel.

Next, heat the tawa on high flame first then bring to medium flame. Sprinkle some water on it to cool it down. Now add a ladleful of batter and spread it in circles with the back of it spreading inside to outside

3- When You see the bubbles on it,  sprinkle some drops of oil. When the dosa starts leaving the sides. Fold it gently and serve with sambhar and chutneys