Chicken Salami Sandwich


If you are a sandwich lover and fondly eat the meat or chicken dishes then you would definitely love this chicken salami sandwich with half fried egg. This is the easiest to make sandwich and power packed too. This yummy-healthy sandwich fulfils the daily need for protein requirement. I serve this sandwich with half fried egg and some green beans but you can skip the beans and serve with some other salad veggies. The beans are blanched and then stir-fried in little butter. Chicken salami does not need much cooking as these are already processed,  I have cooked them just a little in the pan with buns. This satisfying breakfast platter keeps me full for hours

Course – breakfast

Cuisine – World

 Prep Time – 15 Min

 Cook Time – 5 Min

 Total Time – 20 Min

 Yield – 2 Servings

 Author – Bharti Dhawan

Preparations include

1- Blanching and stir frying the beans to serve along the sandwich

2- Half frying the eggs inside the bell pepper ring to serve along the sandwich


1- Sandwich Buns – 2 nos
2- Chicken salami slices – 6 nos
3- Mayonnaise or sandwich spread – 2 tsp
4- Salt – to taste
5- Black pepper powder – 2 tsp
6- Eggs – 2 nos
7- Green beans – 8-10 nos
8- Butter – 1 tsp
9- Some spring onion greens
10 A few microgreens


Add some water to a pan and keep  for boiling
When boiled add green beans to blanch for 2 minutes. When done take them out to saute in butter
In the same pan toast buns and salami slices till the colour changes a little
Spread some sandwich spread on the bun and place a few salami slices on it
Cook a half fried egg inside the bell pepper ring and sprinkle some salt and pepper over the egg
Serve this power-packed breaky with some microgreens and fresh herbs