Gulab Jamun/ Traditional Indian sweet/Gulab Jamun Recipe


The copper-brown deep-fried balls dunked into the saffron and rose water flavoured sugar syrup can make anyone drool. It is hard to stay away from these warm and soft, melt in mouth gulab jamuns which invite you the most in a sweet shop. You don’t want to stop after one and want more


These gulab jamuns can easily be made at home. The whole  procedure is divided into two parts and the end result is as sweet as this delectable dessert. I have made them authentically with mawa or khoya which is a milk solid. Some flour is added to it to make a dough. Balls are shaped with this dough and then deep fried to light or dark brown. Finally these fried balls are dunked into the flavoursome sugar syrup for hours to soak the most of it

Course    Dessert Type    Traditional Indian Dessert Serves    12

Cooking time    60 minutes Author    Bharti Dhawan


•  Khoya/mawa – 150 gms

•  Maida/refind flour – 3 tsp/20 gms

•  Baking soda – 1/4 th tsp or a pinch

•  Oil for deep frying

• warm milk as required for the dough
Ingredients for sugar syrup/chashni
  Sugar – 200 gms

•  Water – 1 cup/100 ml

•  Rose water – 1tsp

•  Lemon juice – 1/2 tsp

•  A few strands of saffron or a pinch of saffron colour

•  Cardamom powder or 2 whole

Method for sugar syrup
–  Take a pan and grease its sides with some ghee to prevent the sugar syrup from crystallizing
2-  Add sugar, water, cardamoms and saffron strands to the pan and let it boil. Time to add rose water and lemon juice

3-  Let the syrup boil for 4-5 minutes. The sugar syrup should not be thick. Switch off the flame before it gets the thread consistency. Keep aside to use later
*The test should be done with fingers. It should feel greasy but not thick to make threads

Method for gulab jamun
–  Heat the khoya a little in the kadahi. It should be warm. Transfer it to a thali or paraat (a broad bowl)and knead with your palm

2-  Add maida and baking soda to it and combine well. Knead and mash it with your palm giving some pressure for 5 minutes

*The mashing is mandatory to make it soft and lump free. If you find the dough too hard, add 1 tsp warm milk to smoothen it

3-  Divide this into equal portions and make balls rolling with both hands so well that there is no crack in them. Make all balls with the same method and cover with a wet cloth to rest for 10 minutes
*  The balls should be small as they will rise in the sugar syrup

4-  Heat oil at slow gas. When you feel the temperature increasing to medium, drop 2-3 balls first. After a few minutes add more 2-3 balls
*  The important thing to remember is that you should stir the oil continuously to fry the balls to get brown colour evenly. The balls should be turn continuously.

5-  Continue the same process with remaining balls. If you feel the oil has become too hot,  switch off the flame for a while

6-  When the balls get copper brown colour, take them out and transfer immediately to the warm sugar syrup.

7- Let them remain in it for 2-3 hrs covering with a lid. Slowly they will absorb the sugar syrup and swell up


1- When you drop the balls into the oil,the oil must be at low side hot. Stir the balls in oil to get the even colour

2- When you drop the fried balls into the sugar syrup, it must be warm

3- Leave the gulab jamuns in the sugar syrup for 2-3 hrs to absorb the most of it