Lychee-Makhana Kheer/Lychee-Lotus Seed Pudding


Summer is not just about the mangoes, this is about lychees too. If the mango is the king of fruit, lychee is the queen. Juicy and sweet lychees are a gift of the summer season as these are the perfect thirst quenchers. This excellent fruit is loaded with vitamin C and a number of essential minerals. We eagerly wait for this fleshy fruit which is harvested from May to July and gives us the opportunity to eat as fruit or prepare a number of goodies. Smoothie and mocktails are always on the top of my list when it arrives


Today I gave a hand over a unique kheer which I made with a combination of makhana/lotus seeds and sweet fleshy lychees. The base of my pudding was the makhana. Generally, I make rice kheer with lychees but this time I replaced rice with the makhanas, making my Lychee-Makhana kheer(लीची-मखाना खीर) healthier.

Makhanas or lotus seeds are a superfood loaded with several health benefits. I dry-roasted them and made a coarse powder in the grinder to add to the milk. It’s a pleasure to share the recipe for this unique lychee kheer or pudding

Prep time – 10 min
Cook time – 30 min
Course – Dessert
Cuisine – Indian
Author – Bharti Dhawan

Ingredients Required

• Full cream milk – 500 ml +1/4 cup
• Lychee – 1 cup +some for garnishing (deseeded and chopped coarsely)
• Makhana/ lotus seeds – 1 cup (25-30 nos)
• Rice flour/chawal atta – 1 tsp
• Sugar – 2 tbsp or to taste
• Assorted nuts( chopped) – 1/4 cup
• ilayachi/cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp


  • Firstly, dry roast makhana/lotus seeds. Avoid getting a dark colour. Roast by stirring continuously
  • When cooled make a coarse powder in the grinder and keep it aside
  • Mix 1 tsp rice flour/chawal atta with 1/4 cup cold milk and keep aside
  • Keep milk for boiling in a heavy bottom pan at low flame
    Add makhana/lotus seeds powder and stir until it is mixed well. Also, add sugar and mix by stirring
  • Allow the milk to simmer for 15 minutes and add the diluted rice flour mix. Keep stirring to avoid lumps.
  • Rice flour is optional. You can avoid rice flour if you want to eat this kheer in the fast/upvas. This lychee kheer will energize you in the fast/ उपवास
  • Add elaichi/cardamom powder at this stage. The kheer will start to thicken now. Add chopped nuts at this stage
  • The whole process takes 20-22 minutes at low- medium flame. Switch off the flame and allow the pudding/kheer to cool down a little. Time to add chopped lychees. Give a good stir and refrigerate to chill
  • Garnish the kheer with some makhana, lychees, and chopped nuts serve the lychee kheer chilled

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