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Indian cuisine is quite rich in itself but it has embraced other cuisines of the world with an open heart as well. The practice of using rose petals in Indian cuisine is definitely influenced by Persian cuisine where it is widespread as a fragrant spice to flavour the dish. Rose being the edible flower is used in various dishes like biryani, pudding, cakes and sharbats etc. And the smell is as important to “tasting” food as sight or touch.


Its wide use may be because of its cooling and medicinal properties. When used in the dishes,  takes the flavour to the higher levels. So that we use its byproducts in our cuisine especially in the summer season like rose water, rose sharbat and rose petal preserve or the gulkand. As vanilla is to the European cuisine, the rose is to the Middle Eastern. I too have used these flavours to make the rose-gulkand kulfi which originally belongs  to that particular region

Prep time – 5 minutes Cooking time – 30 minutes Ready in 8 hrs or overnight Course – Dessert Author – Bharti Dhawan


•  Full cream milk – 500 ml

•  Rose Petals – 5-6

•  Rose Sharbat – 2 tsp

•  Rose Water – 2 tsp

•  Gulkand (rose petal jam or preserve) – 2 tsp

Step By Step
–  Firstly, keep the milk to boil in a non-stick pan at low medium heat. It will start reducing slowly

2-  Add half of the quantities of 4 ingredients mentioned above. Tear the rose petals with hand into small bits and add

  • I didn’t add sugar as gulkand (rose preserve) and rose sharbat are quite sweet but you can add sugar to your taste

3-  Now take a pestle and mortar and pound the remaining half quantities of the 4 ingredients to make a flavoursome paste

4-  Pour this paste equally into the bottom of kulfi moulds and refrigerate for 10 minutes.

5- Meanwhile, the milk should be reduced to half of its quantity.

5-  Allow the milk to cool and blend it in a mixer to get a fine puree

6-  Pour this milk mixture into the prepared kulfi mould and freeze overnight.

7- Serve this divine kulfi chilled with some Rose sharbat and petals as a garnish

you do try this recipe, please share your experience with me by posting a picture of the dish using #blastoflavours or you can also give your feedback in the comments section below. Happy Cooking!

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