Thandai Phirni/ Phirni with Thandai Flavour


Phirni is thick and creamy rice and milk-based pudding whose consistency is quite different from the popular rice kheer. Though the basic ingredients are same yet rice kheer is cooked with fragrant whole grain rice and kept a little liquidy or runny,  whereas phirni is cooked to a thicker consistency and set into the earthen pots or flat dishes. The origin of this delectable pudding is believed to be the Persia but who cares when there is a bowlful of this delectable dessert to splurge!  Just enjoy your mouthful of that delicious delicacy.


As the temperature is quite high and heat is at its peak these days,  I have given this phirni the flavours of thandai. Thandai masala is considered to fight against the killer heat as all the ingredients of it have a cool effect on the body like soaked almonds, saunf, melon seeds, rose water, rose petals and black pepper. Above all, the setting into earthen pots indicates that this is a summer dessert which gives you a relief from the heat

Prep time – 40 min
Cook time – 40 min
Course – Dessert
Cuisine – Indian Subcontinent
Author – Bharti Dhawan

Ingredients required
•  Full cream milk – 500ml+100 ml while grinding
•  Soaked rice – 2 tsp (Soaked for 30-40 min)
•  Almond (soaked and peeled) – 10 nos. + some for garnish
•  Mellon or water Mellon seeds – 1 tbsp
•  Saunf /fennel seeds – 1 tsp
•  Whole black pepper – 1/2 tsp
•  Sugar – 1/2 cup
•  Rosewater – 1tablespoon
•  Some finely chopped dry fruits and rose petals for garnishing

Method :-

1- Firstly grind soaked rice, almonds, melon seeds, saunf/fennel seeds, rose petals and black pepper to a fine paste. Add some milk to ease the grinding

2- Mix the paste of all these ingredients into the cold milk and then put to boil at slow flame
*  Recommended to mix them in the cold milk to avoid lumps

3- Keep on stirring continuously otherwise the rice almond paste will stick to the bottom. Add sugar and keep stirring until the milk is reduced to half quantity.

4- Soon the phirni will get the thicker consistency and start  coming together
Turn off the gas and let it cool for a minute or two. Time to add rose water and mix.
Immediately pour the prepared phirni into bowls and chill for hours

5- Serve with chopped dry fruits and rose petals on top.
*  if you delay transferring into bowls,  the phirni starts to set in the pan then you will find it hard to pour

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