Anjeer-Khjoor Kulfi

Anjeer-Khajoor Kulfi
Kulfi is a milk-based frozen dessert that is so popular across the Indian sub Continent. This is an Indian ice cream which is prepared with many flavours. Unlike the ice creams, its texture is grainy and thicker like rabri. The varieties are endless like Kesar-pista kulfi, mango kulfi,rose-gulkand kulfi, almond kulfi and many more.
The basic method of making kulfi is the same for all, but different ingredients are added to make a flavoured kulfi. To make this milk is evaporated by boiling continuously, then flavours are added to it. This thickened milk is poured into kulfi moulds to freeze for hours.Here I am sharing dates/khajoor and figs/anjeer kulfi.
I have not added sugar as dates and figs have given natural fruity sugar to them. One can add sugar to taste


Preparation time – 5 minutes
Cooking time – 60 minutes
Ready in – 5 hours or overnight
Type – dessert 
Servings – 10-12
•  Full cream milk – 1 lt
•  Figs or dry anjeer – 10 nos.
•  Dates or khajoor (pitted) – 10 nos.
•  Kulfi moulds – 10 to 12
1-  Chop anjeer and khajoor finely
2-  Keep the milk to boil in a heavy bottom pan at low flame
3-  Add figs and dates
4-  Boil the milk till thickens
5-  Stir the milk at intervals
6-  Switch off the gas and let it cool
7-  Pour the mix into moulds and freeze for a minimum of 5 to 6 hours
8-  Heavenly tasty anjeer-khajoor kulfi is ready to relish