Besan Payaz Ka Stuffed Parantha/ Gram Flour-onion Stuffed Parantha


What else would you want on a cold Sunday morning other than a besan-pyaz ka bharwa parantha(gram flour-onion stuffed parantha) and adrak /ginger vali chai? While writing this article I am getting a little nostalgic and remembering my childhood days when during the cold windy days, we all the siblings used to sit around the mud oven and our grandma cooking these yummy besan ke parantha with a glassful of chai.
She used to tell us that those paranthas would keep us warm and full in that harsh weather. She was absolutely right as the besan or chickpea flour has a warm effect on the body. I can still feel the taste of those incredibly yummy paranthas on my tongue. Now
Coming to the recipe…In this parantha, the besan/chickpea flour dough with onion and some spices are filled as stuffing into the whole wheat dough and then cooked crisp and golden applying ghee on both sides


Course – Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch

Cuisine – Indian

 Prep Time – 20 Min

 Cook Time – 20 Min

 Total Time – 40 Min

 Yield – 4 Servings

 Author – Bharti Dhawan

Ingredients Required

1- Whole wheat/atta dough – sufficient enough for 4 paranthas
2- Besan/chickpea flour – 4 tbsp
3- Finley chopped onions – 2 tbsp
4- Finely chopped Green chilly – 2 tsp
5- Water to make a thick dough of besan – 4 tsp
6- Salt –  2 tsp or tastewise
7- Red chilly powder – 2 tsp
8- turmeric/Haldi powder – 2 tsp
9- Cumin seeds/jeera – 2 tsp
10- Pomegranate seed powder/anardana powder – 2 tsp
11- Carom/ajwain seeds – 2 tsp
12- Whole coriander seeds/dhania seeds – 1 tsp
13- Fresh coriander leaves – 1 tbsp
14- Oil or ghee for besan dough – 1 tbsp+4 tsp to cook the paranthas


1- Take a bowl and add besan, all the spices, oil for dough, chopped onion, chilies, fresh coriander, and salt. Mix everything with your hand or a spoon
2- Add little water at a time to combine the dough. The dough will feel sticky. Combine it with a spoon
3- The dough should be of thick consistency. Cover the bowl and keep this at rest for 15 minutes
4- Now divide the whole wheat dough into 4 portions and make balls of them
5- Dust the atta ball with flour and spread into a disk with the rolling pin
6- Cut the disk from the center to the edge and spread the besan dough on it. Dust some flour on it
7- Roll the disk from one end to the other and press a little so that the chickpea dough will trap inside.
8-  Spread the ball again with a rolling pin. The besan is sticky so you would need some flour for dusting
9- Make a large disk and cook this parantha golden crisp on both sides applying ghee
10-  Cook Parantha at the low flame as besan/Gram flour takes a longer time to cook
11- Serve the besan parantha with butter on top and curd or raita
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