Chicken On Spinach-Potato Bed


This winter winner chicken breast with spinach n roasted potatoes dish is overwhelmingly simple yet the tastiest one. Prepared with a handful of ingredients tastes better when they are seared in a pan with butter and mild seasoning
  This dish invites you a lot as plated in layers and each one burst with flavours into your mouth, making it hard to stay away from it. All the ingredients are healthy enough to add to your regular menu and especially for those who seek for weight loss programs. Chicken and vegetables provide you with essential nutrients and keep you full for hours, controlling the hunger pangs. This dish can be served in the main course or have as a starter or appetizer

Course – Main Course/Appetizer/Starter

Cuisine – World

 Prep Time – 20 Min

 Cook Time – 25 Min

 Total Time – 45 Min

 Yield – 4 Servings

 Author – Bharti Dhawan


1- Chicken breast slices/fillets of medium thickness  4 nos.or 500 gms
2- Oil  2 tsp
3- Butter  3 tsp
4- Potatoes  – 4-5
5- Spinach leaves –  1 cup
6- Salt  to taste + some for marination
7- Lemon juice for marination  1 tbsp+some on the finished dish
8- Black peppercorns (crushed)  2 tsp+some to sprinkle on the prepared dish
1- Marination of chicken breast slices
2- Boiling, peeling and cubing potatoes
3- Washing spinach under running water

 Instructions For Marination 

Give a gentle massage to  chicken slices with lemon juice and salt and keep aside for 20 minutes
Instructions For dish
1 – Heat 1 tsp oil and 2 tsp butter in a pan and add chicken slices/fillets. Keep the flame slow and sear the slices both sides by turning them till they get a golden colour
2 – Add salt,  crushed pepper and apply some butter on slices and sprinkle some water to cover the pan with a lid and cook for 5 minutes
3 – In the meantime, while the chicken is cooking take another pan and add 1 tbsp oil and butter and add boiled  potato cubes. Roast them till they get a golden colour. Sprinkle some salt and crushed pepper
4 – When potatoes are done take them out and add spinach leaves. Cook them  by stirfrying until they become a little soft. Add salt and crushed pepper. Switch off the flame to avoid overcooking the spinach
1 – Spread the spinach leaves first
2 – Place roasted potatoes on the spinach
3 – Place roasted chicken slices over the bed of potatoes
4 – Sprinkle some crushed pepper and lemon juice on the dish before serving