Cucumber Tomato Sandwich


Cucumber- tomato sandwich is the easiest to make sandwich in the world. You can have them in your breakfast or can be served with evening tea. Cucumber sandwiches are basically an English origin and also known as the classic English sandwich. History says that these were first prepared in India for the British soldiers who felt the heat unbearable and as the cucumbers have the coolest effect on the body these cucumber sandwiches became their favourites
Because of English influence on Indian culture, cucumber sandwiches are popular during cricket matches and weekend picnics. The Indian variant is flavoured with green chutney and sometimes the tomatoes ketchup too.
I keep them simple and add tomato slices with cucumbers. A thin layer of butter on a crustless bread not only adds the taste but also prevents the bread to become soggy

Course – breakfast/ evening tea

Cuisine – Indian

 Prep Time – 5 Min

 Cook Time – nil

 Total Time – 15 Min

 Yield – 4-5 Servings

 Author – Bharti Dhawan


Bread slices – 8
Butter at room temperature – 5-6 tsp
Thinly Sliced cucumbers – 20
Sliced tomatoes – 6-8
Salt – to taste


1-  Chop off the crust of bread slices
2-  Apply a layer of butter on each slice
3-  lace cucumber slices on each bread slice. Sprinkle a little salt over them
4-  Cover this with another slice and cut each sandwich into 2 or 4 and place some tomato slices on the top and serve
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