Dates And Figs Rolls


These date/khajoor and fig/anjeer rolls are very easy to make and the taste is so yummy that everyone would definitely relish this guilt-free sweet. The taste of these rolls gets mature after 2-3 days. You can make them ahead of time. These divine rolls are ideal for festivals

They are sugar-free and enriched with the essential minerals that our body needs to be healthy. These rolls keep us warm in winters. These can be enjoyed with milk in the breakfast to get the energy to kick start the day

Dates  And Figs Rolls
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Prep time – 30 minutes
Cook time – 20 minutes
Setting time – 30 minutes
Ready in – 80-90 minutes
Makes – 15 pieces
Author – Bharti Dhawan
 •  Dates or khajoor – 250 gms.
•  Figs or dry anjeer (soaked in 2 tbsp water for 30 minutes )- 100 gms.
•  Mix dry fruit – 1/2 cup
•  Khus khus or poppy seeds(optional) – 2 teaspoon
•  Ghee – 1 tablespoon
1-  first of all Soak anjeer in 2 tbsp of water so that they become soft. Chop khajoor and anjeer

2-  Chop dry fruits and dry roast them for 3-4 minutes at low flame. Take them out and keep aside

3-  Grind coarsely the figs and dates.
In a non-stick pan add ghee and roast khus khus/ poppy seeds until golden.
4-  Add the ground mix of dates and figs and roast for 3-4 minutes. Add roasted dry fruits.

5-  Switch off the gas and let it cool completely

6-  Roll the mix into logs and wrap in foil.

7-  Keep them in the fridge for 30 minutes. Cut into rolls and enjoy.