Tasty and Unique Turnip & Radish Dish

Welcome winter!!
So as the winter veggies. You all must have noticed that as the winters approach,  the colours of vegetable market change. Seasonal veggies reign over the vegetable market. Above all, their colours!! Oh! they just invite you to buy them to give a hand on cooking… n’ you just can’t resist to bring them to your kitchens. Not only their colours but also their taste and above all the nutrition they contain…. All these factors matter to prepare such a tasty n’ unique Lal mooli-shalgam ki sabji/Red turnip n’ radish dish
hurry! hurry! to buy and cook them
 Red turnip and radish (lal shalgam and mooli ) are edible root vegetables which have many nutritional values. These vegetables contain essential minerals required for our body, and the dish prepared with them is very tasty.
The leaves of these are also added to them which increase the nutritional value. Though the dish tastes a little pungent, yet a few powdered spices along with amchur or dry mango powder balance the taste
Red Turnip And Radish Vegetable
Preparation time  20  minutes
Cooking time  20 minutes
Servings – 4
1- Red turnip – 250 gms
2- Red or white radish – 250 gms
3- Turnip/radish leaves – chopped
4- Chopped onions, Ginger, garlic green chilly
5- Cumin and fennel (saunf) seeds
6- Heeng powder – 1 teaspoon
7- Salt, pepper, red chilly powder, coriander powder and garam masala powder – 2 teaspoon each
8- Aam chur or dry mango powder – 2 Tsp
9- Oil 2 tablespoon
Heat oil and add cumin, mustard and fennel /saunf seeds. When the seeds crackle add chopped onions, ginger, garlic and sauté them

Add chopped turnip and radish and cook them for 5 minutes.

Now add their chopped leaves, salt and all the spices mentioned above

Cover with lid and cook until veggies become soft.

Tasty and unique turnip, radish dish is ready to serve