Ghee Roast Garlic-Pepper Dosa


The divine aromas of this ghee roast garlic-pepper dosa have made it a big hit with us. This aroma and flavour come with garlic and pepper infused ghee in which it is cooked. Dosai with different variations is our favourite breakfast options. This version is now our latest addiction.

The key to a perfect dosa is the ratio of ingredients,  the batter,  it’s fermentation and the perfect technique by which it is cooked over the girdle. Though I have made it several times with the different ratio of ingredients and each time I got the different texture. Undoubtedly we always learn by trial and error method


For this dosa batter, I followed my dear friend  Amudha’s method. She really worked hard to guide me for a perfect dosa batter. Her guidance through her video boosted up my enthusiasm to make this wonderful dish. Thanx a ton, Amudha for sharing your authentic recipe of dosa-idli batter with me. Let’s introduce you with an awesome dosai variation

Prep time – 14 hrs Cooking time – 20 minutes Course – Main/breakfast Cuisine – South India Author – Bharti Dhawan Idli-Dosa batter – Courtesy- amu recipes


* 1 cup measures – 100 gms

•  Idli rice – 5 cups

• Raw Rice – 1 cup

•  White Urad dal(split or whole)  – 1 cup

•  Fenugreek/methi seeds – 1 tsp

•  Water to wash 3 times + water to soak +water for grinding – as required

•  Salt – 1 tsp

•  Ghee – 2 tbsp

•  Finely chopped garlic – 1 tbsp

•  Crushed black pepper – 2 tsp


1- Wash dal and rice 3 times and soak separately overnight or for 5-6 hours. Soak methi dana also

2- After 5 hours grind the dal with methi dana first to the creamy and fluffy consistency

3- And then rice until the batter gets a smooth and airy texture. Transfer the mix combining well in a big steel container.

4- Keep for fermentation for 7-8 hours at a warm place by covering with a lid. when fermented you will notice the batter has risen and air pockets are formed in it.

5- Run the ladle from up to down a few times mixing well. Add salt and sufficient water preparing the batter neither too thick nor runny

6- Heat ghee in a pan and add chopped garlic. When it’s colour changes a little, switch off the flame and add crushed black pepper. Keep aside

7- Take dosa tawa and heat it. Add little oil. Wipe with a kitchen paper to grease the tawa

8- When the tawa is medium hot, drop a ladleful batter and spread quickly circling from inside to outside. When you see the top is getting dry, spread 1 tsp garlic- pepper infused ghee on top and sides and spread. The next minute you will see that the bottom is cooked and gets brown. It will start leaving sides.

9- Fold dosa and remove from tawa. Serve hot with raw mango sambhar and chutneys


*  Before spreading the batter for the next dosa, sprinkle some water drops to cool down the tawa. Wipe it with a kitchen towel and the remaining process is same for second dosa

*  To make a perfect dosa the temperature of tawa or girdle matters a lot. If the tawa is too hot, the dosa will not spread evenly, making a mess. Whereas the tawa is less hot the dosa will get a rubbery consistency

*Add salt just before making dosa and mix well. Surplus batter should be refrigerated. Bring out at room temperature before making dosa