Khubani Ka Meetha


Khubani ka meetha is a sweet dish from Hyderabad. This delicacy is served along with custard or .rice-kheer. this unique combo makes it a lip-smacking sweet dish.
To make this dish dried apricots or sookhi khubani are used. They are soaked overnight and then cooked with sugar to bring to the jam-like consistency.
As living in Delhi, we don’t get anthemic Hyderabadi food here but if we have cravings for that we go to Hyderabad House(Statehouse) in New Delhi and it’s canteen serves authentic and lip-smacking Hyderabadi cuisine. Once  I got a chance to have this sweet dish there, and this was so tasty that I decided to cook it in my kitchen. I was surprised how easy it was to cook this dish and in no time….And if you have leftover kheer or custard resting in the fridge, try to prepare this delicious and unique dessert
Khubani Ka Meetha
Preparation Time – 5 minutes
Cooking time – 15 minutes
Servings – 8-10
Cuisine – Indian  (Hyderabad)
1- Dried apricots (sookhi khubani) – soaked overnight – 250 gms.
2- Water  – 2 cups for soaking +1 cup for the jam
3- Sugar – 100 gms
4- Chopped almonds – 2 tablespoon
1- Soak the dried apricot/khubani into a bowl of water for 4-5 hours so that they get softened.
2-  Next, In a saucepan add khubani and water and allow it to boil. While boiling at low flame keep mashing the apricots with the back of a spoon.
3- When the mix starts to thicken add sugar and let it cook at low flame.
As the sugar will start caramelising and the mixture will become thicker.

4-  Finally, add some chopped almonds and switch off the flame. Keep aside the jam to cool completely (this can be refrigerated for 30 minutes)
5- Lip smacking khubani ka meetha is ready to serve with rice-kheer or custard by layering them in a serving bowl or glass.
6 – Set khubani jam at the bottom as the first layer and rice kheer as the second layer. Repeat the layers and enjoy the dessert