Dragon Fruit Smoothie -Tropical Summer Drink

Dragon Fruit may not be a much known or common fruit and when we see it, we generally ignore. I too used to do the same until I had not used it…..And when I dared to buy it and tried to make something out of it….It turned out surprisingly tasty. It was a smoothie which I made with this odd looking fruit adding coconut milk and honey. And trust me guys it turned out so delicious n refreshing.
Scaly and vibrant outside but fleshly, seedy and dense inside…….This wonderful Tropical fruit is a storehouse of nutrients.like vitamin B and C….Low in calories and zero cholesterol, has the potential to become a favourite of weight loss seekers. This is sweet and fresh when eaten as a fruit but other dishes which are prepared with this, like the milkshake, smoothies, ice cream or cake taste awesome…Here I’m sharing smoothie which I have prepared with coconut milk and honey…Ginger and mint has enhanced and taken the flavour to another level
Dragon Fruit Smoothie
Preparation time – 5 minutes
Making time – 5 minutes – no cooking required
Servings – 4
Dragon Fruit – 1 no. Approx.250 gms.
Coconut milk – 500 ml
Water – 300 ml
Ginger – 1-inch piece
Mint leaves – 7-8 nos.
Honey – 100 ml
Juice of 1 lemon
Sugar (optional)
Crushed ice – sufficient to make it chilled
1- Scoop out all the flesh with the help of a spoon.
2- Take a mixer and add all the ingredients mentioned above.
3- Blend it till a Smoothie is made
4- Pour into glasses and garnish with mint leaves and lemon slices.