Mango Kulfi A Divine Taste

As the summer season steps in, the king of fruits, the mango, starts to reign over the fruit markets as well as our hearts and  it is hard for anyone to stay away from mango mania
Endless varieties get available during the season which starts in March and ends in September but the best quality mangoes are available between April to July
This much liked even the most lovable and wonderful fruit creates numerous sweet and savoury dishes in not only our the country but also across the globe
One such delicacy is mango kulfi. This Indian ice cream is rich, creamy and absolutely divine. The base of this dessert is milk which is reduced until gets the right consistency to incorporate with juicy mango puree. There are endless variations of kulfis like Kesar-pista kulfi, rose-gulkand Kulfi and so on. All these preparations hold a high ranking among the Indian traditional sweets n desserts

Course – Dessert

Cuisine – Indian

 Prep Time – 5 Min

 Cook Time – 40 Min

 Total Time – 45 Min

 Yield – 8-10 Servings

 Author – Bharti Dhawan


Full fat milk – 1 lt

Fully ripe mango – 1-2 nos. to blend the puree approx. 1cup

Sugar – 1 cup or to taste

A few pistachios (finely chopped)

Glazed cherries for garnish – 1 tbsp


 1-  Firstly puree the mangoes and refrigerate

2-  Add milk to a heavy bottom pan and keep for boiling. Keep stirring at intervals and scrape out the milk solids or malai which sticks to the sides of the pan

3-  Add sugar and chopped pistachios at this stage and mix well

4-  Slow down the flame and let the milk reduced to half quantity. it will take 30 minutes for the milk to get the right consistency for kulfi

5-  Switch off the gas and let it cool completely. Time to add mango puree and mix well to incorporate everything. Allow this to cool completely

6-  Pour the mix into kulfi moulds and freeze them for 6 hours or overnight

7-  Unmould the mango kulfi and garnish with some glazed cherries and chopped pistachios


* Avoid adding mango puree while boiling the milk as the milk can curdle
* Adjust the quantity of sugar to the sweetness of mangoes
* It is better to make them one day before your guests are coming so that the flavour gets matured with time
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