Neer Dosa /Neer Dose/ An Udupi-Mangalore Essential


Neer dosa recipe belongs to the Udupi-Manglorian region of Karnataka. Neer literally means water and the consistency of the batter for this dosa is watery. This dosa batter does not require fermentation like most of the other dosas. An instant version of Konkani dosa is very near to this neer dosa and called ghaven dosa


This neer dosa is very light and ideal for breakfast, making a perfect pair with chutneys or kurmas. Very few ingredients are required for this dosa version. Any short-grain rice is required (no basmati) for soaking for 4-5 hours and this is ready to grind with little fresh coconut. After grinding to a smooth paste, water and salt are added to make a very thin buttermilk-like batter consistency. This is spread with a ladle on a greased hot tawa filling the gaps. This dosa needs little oil to cook and you get a net-like texture when it cooks

Prep time – 4-5 hrs
Cook time – 15-20 min
Course – Breakfast/ Main
Cuisene – Mangalore (Karnataka)
Author – Bharti Dhawan


1- Short grain rice (Sona Masoori Rice) – 1 cup
2- Fresh coconut – 4-6 medium thin slices (chopped into small pieces)
3- Salt – 1 tsp
4- Water – sufficient enough for washing+soaking+grinding+ very thin batter/buttermilk like consistency


Wash rice 2-3 times by changing the water
Soak for about 5-6 hrs

2- When soaking is done drain the water and add rice and coconut to the blender. Add little water to make a smooth and creamy batter.

  • The batter should not be of coarse consistency. A creamy batter makes super soft dose

3- If one cup is batter, add 6 cups of water to make a watery batter like buttermilk consistency

4- Grease dosa tawa with oil and then wipe it with an onion to make it nonstick

5- Make sure that tawa is too hot. Mix the batter with a ladle and add a ladleful on one side of tawa. Add half or one more ladle to fill the space on tawa

6- Spread a few drops of oil and cover the pan with a lid for one minute. Slow down the flame

7- You will notice dosa leaving the pan. Fold the dosa and take it out of the pan. No need to flip it to the other side. This is so thin that cooked well

8- For the next dosa grease the tawa. Increase the flame. The rest process is the same for the next dose. Serve Neer Dosa with coconut chutney and black eye bean curry