Spiced Aamrakhand/Mango Shrikhand With A Spicy Note


A pinch of spices can turn out a sweet dish so magical, I didn’t realize until I hadn’t used them in my mango shrikhand. Cinnamon, cardamom and saffron are good friends of a dessert, as these spices have a sweet note. They lift up the flavours of a dessert, making fragrant and flavoursome


Yesterday I experienced the same while making the amrakhand or mango shrikhand. At the last moment, I added dalchini/ cinnamon along with the ilayachi powder and tasted it. This really created a huge difference in my dessert.

This simple and rustic dessert is originally from the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. This dessert is prepared with hung curd or yogurt and sweet juicy mangoes. The favours mature with time, so good to prepare 1 day ahead you want to serve it. This dessert tastes better when served chilled


Preparation time – 4 hrs (preparation needs to hang the curd to get a thicker consistency)

Cooking time – nil

Ready in – 4 hrs 15 minutes

Type – dessert

Cuisine – Indian (Maharashtra/Gujarat)

Author – Bharti Dhawan

•  Thick curd / yogurt/ hung curd – 1 cups/ 250 gms (500 gms plain curd makes approx. 250-300 gms hung curd)

•  Fully ripe mangoes – 2 large-sized /Pulp -! cup

•  Powdered sugar – 2 tsp or to taste (I added little sugar as the mangos were too sweet)

•  Green Cardamom/Ilayachi – 2-3

•  Cinnamon / dalchini powder – a pinch

•  A few strands of saffron/kesar

•  Some chopped nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts etc.

1-  Firstly, hang the curd or yogurt in a muslin cloth or keep the curd in a strainer to drain out its water. It will take approximately 4 hours If you are keeping the curd in a strainer, keep a bowl under a strainer and place them in the refrigerator. This will remain cool as well as the water will be drained

2-  Meanwhile blend mangoes to make a fine puree and refrigerate it.

3-  Make a powder of green cardamoms with a pestle and mortar and keep aside *Add little sugar while pounding. This makes the task easier

4-  When all the water is strained out, Add powdered sugar, cinnamon powder, and cardamom powder.

5- Next, add mango puree and the nuts to the hung curd

6- Mix everything together with a wire whisk to incorporate well

7-  Serve this delicious mango shrikhand or aamrkhand chilled as individual servings with chopped nuts on them


Mango Mishti Doi