Fruit n Curd Pudding/Parfait

This curd pudding is a no-bake or no-cook dessert with the richness of nuts and freshness of fruits. This pudding is a sugar-free dessert that I have prepared with a combination of walnuts, honey, hung curd and fresh fruits. This is a very delicious n refreshing pudding
This delicacy is very easy to prepare in no time. I have prepared this in glasses with different layers to serve individually. The preparation requires only to hang the curd to make it thicker n creamier so that it sets well in the glass.
This pudding will remind you of no-bake cheesecake as hung curd is quite similar to the cream cheese in taste and texture
This pudding is ideal for fasting too as it does not contain any cereal. I have used ground walnuts mixed with honey to set at the bottom as the 1st layer, then the second layer of hung curd n the final layer of fresh fruits n crushed walnuts.
Preparation time – 60 minutes
Cooking time – No cooking time required only assembling of all the ingredients will need a few minutes
Servings – 6


1- Hung curd – 500 gms( curd out of 1 lt of full cream milk  yields 500 gms of hung curd ) This can be get by hanging the curd 2- in a muslin cloth for about 1 hour
3- Honey – 6 tbsp(4 tbsp to mix with curd+2 tbsp to mix with ground walnuts)
4- Assorted Fresh fruits – 1 cup

5- Ground or slightly crushed walnuts – 1/4 cup+ some for topping

Step By Step
1- Mix 2 tbsp honey with crushed  walnuts and set at the bottom of glasses as the 1st layer
2- Mix 4 tbsp honey with hung curd and pour equal quantity as the 2nd layer
3- Add chopped fresh mixed fruits as 3rd layer
4- Finally, add chopped or crushed nuts as the topping
5- Hung curd pudding with fresh fruits is ready to relish