Stir-Fried Green Bean Rice Dish

Stir Fried Green Bean Rice
Green beans rice is the perfect combination of rice with green beans which is cooked together by adding some regular Indian spices and coconut shavings.
This is a simple, homely recipe ready in minutes
Kids who do not like green veggies would certainly relish this. This is a wholesome one pot meal which can be packed in their tiffin

I add mustard seeds and shredded coconut which give it a south Indian feel and serve with sambhar. All the dishes which relate to the South of India are liked and eaten a lot by my family.

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Lal lobia Rice

Preparation time – 1 hour
Cooking time – 15 minutes
Servings – 4
Coarse – main
Cuisine – Indian

1-  Rice – 1 cup (washed and soaked for 1 hour)
2-  French beans – 200 gms
3-  Water for cooking rice – 2 cups
4-  Water for blanching beans – sufficient enough
5-  Salt, red chilly powder, cumin powder –  1 tsp each
6-  Mustard (sarso) and cumin(jeera) seeds – 1 tsp each
7-  Whole red dry chilly – 2-3
8-  Oil – 1 tsp
9-  Butter for stir-frying beans – 2 tsp
10-  Some fresh coconut shreds
1-  First of all boil sufficient water to blanch beans
2-  Add beans and let them boil for 1 minute to become little soft. Avoid over boiling otherwise they will lose colour
3-  Drain the water and keep the beans aside( use this water in the rice)
4-  Heat butter in a pan and add coconut shreds and blanched beans. Stir fry both of them
5-  Take them out and add oil to the pan. Drop the cumin and mustard seeds
6-  When crackle, add whole red chillies
7-  Add soaked rice and sauté for a minute (stay gentle with rice)
8-  Add 2 cups of water, salt and powdered spices
9-  Bring to one boil and cover the pan with the lid. Let it cook at low flame
10-  When water is reduced to half, add sauteed green beans and mix everything together gently
11-  Cover the pan again till all the water is absorbed
12-  Let the rice covered at rest for 5 minutes and garnish with some coconut shreds
13-  Serve green bean rice with mix veg sambhar