Carrot Raita With Nuts

Carrot Raita With Nuts

Raita is a curd or yoghurt based dish, prepared by adding different vegetables or sometimes fruits also. A large variety of raita is there as long as you think.These are served as a side dish with the main course

Raita has a cool effect on body and stomach so generally taken in summers. In our country most of the states have the moderate climate for the whole year, so raita is relished widely. In fact, no meal is completed without curd or raita here
Though a large variety of raita is prepared and eaten. Here I am sharing carrot raita today
This raita is little sweet as red carrot or Delhi carrot (as it is famous by this name) are quite sweet and juicy. Above all, a tadka of nuts like cashew and raisins make it a shahi or royal dish. Kids relish this raita very much. I add mint leaves for flavour and freshness and green chillies for a kick. One can avoid as kids do not like chillies
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Preparation time – 10 minutes
Cooking time Рnil (no cooking required, only the tadka needs a few seconds)
Cuisine – Indian
Coarse – Side Dish/ Dips


Curd or yogurt (1 cup or 250 gms)
Grated carrot – 1 big sized
Cashew nuts and raisins – A few in no.
Mint leaves – 4-5
Salt and pudina-bhuna jeera masala – 1 tsp each
Finely chopped green chilly (optional) – 1
Oil – 1 Tsp
Whisk or churn the curd well and add salt, pudina-bhuna jeera masala, chopped mint leaves and green chillies


heat oil and add nuts. When become golden pour them over raita

Yummy and refreshing carrot raita is ready to serve