Atta-Besan Ladoo /Atta-Besan Pinni

Winters are great to enjoy food and build immunity. Atta laddu or pinni is such food with lots of dried fruits that can be enjoyed this season. These yummy laddus are made in homes in northern parts of the country where cold is unbearable. It is believed that these atta-pinni or laddu made in ghee will give warmth to the body. These are actually a hearty and comfort food which can be taken any time of the day.
I become nostalgic while making these when my ma and dadi used to make large batches of this pinni for us to have with the hot milk in breakfast. They had a belief that these healthy pinnies give physical and mental strength to kids especially during the examination times.
The same I do for my kids now. I make them during winters, adding loads of dry fruits and coconut, giving these laddus or pinni a kind of nuttiness. The secret of a perfect pinni is in roasting the atta in ghee at low flame. While bhunowing or roasting you feel the change of its colour to a golden brown and a divine earthy smell which increases the cravings for them. I add little besan with atta as roasted besan takes its flavour to another level. One can add a little sooji or semolina to it but sooji makes them a little crumbly. There is a popular fact about these pinnies which I want to share with my readers that If the pinnies are being made in your kitchen, then 4 of your next neighbours will come to know about this because of its strong yet pleasant earthy smell which makes everyone drooling


Course – Sweets/ Dessert

Cuisine – Indian

 Prep Time – 10 Min

 Cook Time – 60 Min

 Total Time – 90 Min

 Yield – 30 ladoos

 Author – Bharti Dhawan


1- Whole wheat atta/flour – 400 gms
2- Besan/ gram flour – 100 gms
3- Powdered sugar – 250 gms
4- Ghee – 250 gms
5- Grated dried coconut – 100 gms
6- Finely chopped or pound almond and cashew nuts – 200 gms
7- Green cardamom/elayachi powder – 1 tbsp


1- Take a heavy bottom kadahi and heat ghee in it
2- Add atta and besan to the ghee
3- Roast atta at low flame stirring continuously and turning over time to time
4- Keep on breaking the lumps with the help of a spatula while roasting
5- Gradually the atta will change the colour gaining the golden brown and the earthy smell of roasted flour will ensure you that it has roasted well
6- Add cardamom/ elayachi powder and all the chopped dry fruits and roast for more than 15 minutes. The whole process of roasting/bhunow takes approx 1 hour at low flame
7- Switch off the gas and let the mix cool down a little. Time to add powdered sugar and mix it well so that sugar incorporates well with the dough
8- Shape the dough in a round laddu of medium size. Make all the ladoos while the dough is still warm. When made all, allow them to cool completely before storing them in the container.
* The roasting of atta should be at a low temperature
* A heavy bottom kadahi is recommended otherwise the atta will get a dark brown colour soon without getting roasted  well
* Gur or jaggery can be used in place of sugar with the same quantity or to taste
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