Baby corn Fritters /baby corn Crisps/ Golden Crisps


Using baby corns in a dish results into a delightful outcome. The dishes prepared with baby corn has a crunchy texture which feels good when taken a bite. Numerous side dishes and snacks can be prepared with baby corn such as Manchurian or chilli baby corn. These crisp golden babycorn fritters are perfect party snacks as liked by all age groups. I blanch the baby corns before frying so that these become a little tender. The batter is prepared by adding chilled soda water to the flour. These baby corns are dipped into the batter before deep frying. After deep frying, You get golden and crisp babycorn fritters which are so cute to look that it is hard to stay away from these to take a crunchy bite. These fritters can be prepared in Airfrier also or baked in the oven, but the best result comes with deep frying them
How does sodawater batter make a difference
The batter prepared with the chilled soda water makes a huge difference. I didn’t know it until I had made it for these fritters. The batter made with chilled soda water makes them super crisp and crunchy. As soda water has a fizz so the batter is light and fluffy and makes these fritters flakey and super crunchy. These golden crisps do not require a long list of ingredients. Prepared with  3 main ingredients take a few minutes to turn into a delicious snack which goes very well with green Onion-coriander chutney

Course – Evening snack/ party snack/ street food

Cuisine – Indian

 Prep Time – 10 Min

 Cook Time – 20 Min

 Total Time – 30 Min

 Yield – 2 Servings

 Author – Bharti Dhawan


•  Babycorns (halved lengthwise) – 1 pack or 200 gms
•  Refined flour or maida – 1 cup
•  Red chilly powder – 1 tsp
•  Chilled soda water – sufficient enough to make a batter(neither too thick nor too runny)
•  Salt – 1 tsp while blanching + 1 TSP for the batter
•  Garlic powder(optional)  – 1 tsp
•  Sufficient water to blanch the babycorns
Step by Step
•  Add water to a pan and keep for boiling at medium flame. When boiled, add salt and babycorns and let them boil for 2 minutes.
•  Strain them in a colander and keep aside to cool completely
•  Heat oil in a kadahi to deep fry and prepare for the batter
•  To make a batter mix flour, red chilly powder, salt,  garlic powder and soda water
•  Dip each baby corn into the batter and deep fry each until crisp and golden
•  Serve the baby corn fritters with the chutneys
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