Baked eggplant With Pasta


What a humble and versatile veggie is the brinjal or eggplant is! Oh no! actually a fruit it is, that can make numerous preparations. Though this has been the most underrated as well as hated vegetable especially by the children but what if we cook it in a different way to feed them. I have tried to cook it  in an interesting  way so that kids could never say NO to this veggie as their favourite pasta is a part of this preparation

This baked eggplant dish is quite similar to an Italian preparation the baked aubergine with parmesan. I have replaced parmesan with mozzarella cheese. This dish is set in layers in a baking dish and then baked to be eaten as a starter too. This dish has the potential to become favourites of the party menus. Homemade tomato sauce with some dried and fresh herbs adds the flavour. Lasagna sheets are ideal for this dish but any other pasta can be replaced with it. I too have cooked this dish with macaroni pasta as this is the most favourite among the kids

Course – Side Dish/ Starter/ Appetizer

Cuisine – world

 Prep Time – 10 Min

 Cook Time – 30 Min

 Total Time  40 Min

 Yield – 4 Servings

 Author – Bharti Dhawan


Brinjal/eggplant/aubergine  -1   cut into thin round slices of equal thickness
Boiled pasta (any type)- 2 cups
Mozzarella cheese  grated –  1 cup

Ingredients for tomato sauce

Tomato  finely chopped  – 1 cup
Onion  finely chopped – 1 big
Garlic – 4-5 cloves
Salt, pepper,  –  taste wise

dried and fresh herbs like basil – A few
Sugar  – 1tea spoon
Oil -Olive or any other –  2 tablespoon

 Instructions For sauce

Cook garlic and Onion in oil
Add tomato, salt, mixed herbs and sugar
Cook until sauce-like consistency and set aside

Instruction For Grilling Eggplant

Pan fry brinjal slices with little oil until they get the golden brown marks

Instruction For pasta

Boil pasta with 3 times more water and 1 tsp salt

When boiled drain the water and rinse with cold water in the colander

Now assembling time -:

Take a baking dish
In the baking dish spread the 1st layer of tomato sauce

Then the 2nd layer of brinjal sheets. After that the 3rd layer of tomato sauce and the

4th layer of boiled pasta and then last layer of grated cheese.

Repeat the same process for other layers

For the top decorations:
Fill 1 slice of brinjal with cheese and tomato sauce and make a roll. Place it on the top of prepared dish
Bake this assembled dish in a preheated oven at 180 deg.for 10 minutes

Note-:  this dish  can also be made in skillet or pan by layering in the same way

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