Banana Lassi

Banana Lassi
Lassi is a sweet, yogurt-based drink which is relished by everyone.This popular drink is mainly liked chilled in summers as curd or yogurt has cool effects on the stomach so preferred to have in this season.
This popular drink basically originated in Punjab region but now relished across the whole Indian subcontinent.
This lassi can be prepared plain with curd, sugar or sometimes adding any fruit Iike banana, mango or cheekoo.In the season mango lassi is very popular everywhere. Here I am sharing lassi with banana flavour.Both banana and curd are good for health. This delicious lassi energizes and keeps you full for hours. Nuts add essential nutrients to this
Preparation time – 5 minutes
Cooking time – nil (no cooking required only blending the ingredients takes 2-3 minutes)
Servings – 3-4
Cuisine – Indian
Thick curd or yogurt – 500 gms
Chilled water – 100 ml
Ripe bananas 3-4 medium sized
Sugar – 1/4  cup or to taste(quantity of sugar depends on the sweetness of bananas)
Ice – 6-8 cubes
A few nuts and glazed cherries for garnishing
‌Add curd, sugar, water and chopped bananas in a blender and blend until everything is Incorporated very well
Pour this lassi into glasses and add nuts and cherries on top
Serve this lassi chilled with ice