Cornflakes Cookies

These delicious buttery cornflakes cookies with a crunchy outside layer and gooey centre are the perfect company for my regular tea and coffee. This was an amazing idea when I baked them for the first time, to use my favourite breakfast cereal in cookies and it came out a winner!!
These crunchy cookies are now at the top of my favourite list. The crunch comes with cornflakes into which the cookie batter is rolled and coated before baking. I love to bake them rustic, neither fancy nor particular about the shape!! Keep an eye while baking them. If they are getting a dark brown colour switch off the oven. You won’t like the unpleasant taste! Right!!
Addition of almonds and assorted dried berries  boosts the flavour and nutrition which is quite enough to satisfy my hunger pangs during the work hours
On to the recipe

Course – Tea Snacks

Cuisine – American

 Prep Time – 5 Min

 Cook Time – 20 Min

 Total Time – 25 Min

 Yield – 12 Servings

 Author – Bharti Dhawan


1 – Butter at room temperature – 100 gms
2 – Egg – 1 no.
3 – Granulated sugar  – 80 gms
4 – All purpose flour – 100 gms
5 – Cornflakes (lightly crushed with hands) – 20 gms for batter + 1 cup for rolling the cookie batter
6 –  Oats – 20 gms/ 1 tbsp
7 – Assorted berries – 1/4 cup
8 – Chopped almonds – 1/4 cup


1 – Spread 1 cup of lightly crushed cornflakes on a plate and keep aside
2 – Cream butter and sugar until incorporate well to become light and fluffy
3 – Add an egg and whisk
4- Add sifted flour, oats, cornflakes, berries and almonds
5 – Fold everything together gently
6 – The dough is a little sticky so with a spoon, pick the equal portions and roll them into cornflakes
7 – Tap  each cookie to flatten a little and place them in the baking tray
8 –  Bake them at 180℃ for 20 minutes in a preheated oven. Place them on a wire rack to cool completely
9 – Delicious n crunchy cornflakes cookies are ready to enjoy