Jaggery-Coconut Parantha

With the arrival of winter, I long for those things which I used to eat in my childhood.Whenever the veggies were not cooked to our desire, this was the only option we would like to have…… n…Today also, I eat this with the same passion when I don’t intend to eat any vegetable
If we talk about the benefits, both jaggery and coconut provide essential minerals to the body.Coconut also cuts the sweetness of gur/jaggery.On the other hand, Fennel seeds/saunf add the flavour. This parantha is a good start for a winter morning.This gives you energy and heat on a severe winter morning.
Jaggery-Coconut Parantha


Preparation time – 10 minutes
Cooking time – 10 minutes
Servings – 4
Cuisine – Indian
Jaggery/gur (grated) 1 cup
Coconut/nariyal – 1 cup
Fennel seeds/saunf – 2 Tsp
Whole wheat dough for paranthas
Mix grated gur, coconut and fennel seeds and keep aside.
Take some dough and flatten it with a rolling pin.

Keep some mix on it and add a little flour.Make a ball of it.Flour will prevent jaggery to come out while cooking


Now flatten again using flour to make a disk.

Cook each parantha till golden on both sides with sufficient amount of ghee