Zucchini Bites ( Cheesy, Garlicky Bites)

Zucchini/ green squash bites are cheesy, garlicky savoury bites paired with both green and dried herbs.
These bites can be taken as evening snacks and starter. Add of spring onions and garlic fill the kitchen with heavenly aromas.Toasted pumpkin seeds give a crunch to them.
Zucchini Bites
They are an ideal finger food for a party.These are healthy snacks as baked with healthier ingredients.I have baked them in muffin moulds, but can be baked in baking pans using parchment paper.I have grated zucchini for that.Though they have lots of moisture, yet the extra water can be squeezed out and can be bound well-adding semolina, corn flour or breadcrumbs. I have added fine semolina/sooji/rava to bind them.
Preparation time – 15 minutes
Baking time – 15 minutes
Servings – 6
Course – starter/evening snack
Grated zucchini/squash – 1cup
 Chopped coriander and basil – 1/2 cup
Grated cheese ( any possessed cheese) – 1/2 cup
Egg – 1 no.(whisked)
Samolina/sooji – 2 tablespoons
Spring onions ( chopped ) – 1/4 cup
Grated garlic – 2 tsp
Salt and black pepper powder – 1 Tsp each
Dried  herbs mix (oregano, sage, basil etc.) – 2 tsp
Oil – 1 tbsp
Toasted pumpkin seeds for topping – 1/4 cup
1-  Preheat oven to 180℃ for 10 minutes.
2-  Squeeze grated zucchini with the help of a kitchen towel to drain excess water.
3-  Mix all the ingredients mentioned above and keep at rest for 10 minutes.
4-  Pour the batter into muffin moulds and top some pumpkin seeds over them and bake at 180℃ for 15-20 minutes.
5-  Let them in the oven for 5 minutes.
Yummy cheesy, garlicky zucchini bites are ready to serve.