Pasta With Hummus (a creamy pasta)

Pasta cooked with hummus is a guilt-free recipe without loads of cheese which we usually add to our pastas.
In this recipe, I have replaced cheese with hummus(a creamy chickpea paste with tahini- a creamy white til/sesame paste)
In this way, this dish is a complete and balanced one with carbs, proteins n vitamins.Pasta completes the carb part, Hummus the proteins and veggies add vitamins
This dish is a mix of two cuisines, one is the Italian part and the other one is the Middle Eastern especially the Egyptian.Hummus is an integral part of their cuisine. Hummus adds the creaminess to the texture of pasta
The kids who love pasta to addiction can be fed with this healthy version also this version is a bliss for those who are vegan and follow weight-loss program
Pasta with Hummus
Preparation time – 30 minutes
Cooking time – 15 minutes
servings – 4
Cuisine – Mediterranean
Ingredients for pasta -:
pasta of any type  – 2 cups (I used Penne Rigate)
mix vegetables finely chopped. –   1 cup (onion, spinach etc)
Oil    – 2 tablespoon+ 2 tsp while boiling pasta
Salt, pepper, and mixed dried or green herbs  -taste wise
Salt while boiling pasta – 2 tsp
.Garlic   – 4 -5 cloves (optional)
Sufficient water to boil pasta
boiled chickpeas or white chana (blend to a creamy paste)  – 1 cup
Tahini paste (roasted til blended with oil, salt lemon, and garlic)
Extra virgin olive oil – 2 tbsps
Add all the ingredients to a blender or food processor to make a creamy hummus
Method For Pasta
Boil pasta with oil and a little salt
When cooked strain this, keeping some pasta water to add while cooking it
Fry garlic, Onion and veggies in oil and add salt, pepper and mix herbs
Add hummus and some pasta water to it
Now add pasta and fold everything together

Drizzle some olive oil and serve.