Peach Smoothie A Summer Bliss


Summers bring the juiciest fruits, as well as the opportunity to make various delicious delicacies with them. These fruits are bliss in this season as they keep you cool in such a harsh summer. Fruits wether apricots or peaches, mangoes or pears, and the queen of fruits lychee too, all these divine fruits deserve to be converted into delicacies. Smoothie is one of them. I add oatmeal and muskmelon seed powder to thicken my smoothies. In this way, the smoothie becomes very filling to have them in my breakfast


Here is a smoothie recipe with juicy peaches which I have blended by adding a few more healthier ingredients. This fruit is widely harvested during summer months on the foothills of lower Himalayas. This fleshy and juicy fruit is not too sweet but healthier enough to contain numerous health benefits. This fibrous fruit is packed with essential vitamins and minerals which are good for our skin, eyes and hair.

Prep time – 5 minutes
Ready in – 5 minutes
Type – Smoothie
Serves – 2
Author – Bharti Dhawan


Peaches – 4-5 or more (depends on the size)
Curd or yogurt – 1 cup/ 400 gms
Oat meal/oats atta(oats blended to make powder) – 2 tbsp
Muskmelon seed powder – 2 tsp
Honey – 2-3 tsp
Water – as required
Ice cubes – 4-5


Rinse, peel and chop peaches. Add to the blender with all the other ingredients mentioned above

Blend well to make the peach smoothie

Serve chilled in the breakfast to energize you for hours


Apricots too can be added with peaches. Both the fruits are widely available in summers.

Soy or almond milk can be used instead of curd or yogurt

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