Sesame/Til Toast A yummy Snack

Crisp Sesame Toast
Snacks are those bites which are the best at taste and easy to cook. They can be served as finger food or starters at get-togethers or kitty parties.They are prepared to dig into between two meals when you crave for something crunchy snacks. These snacks are the best companions of evening tea
I love to prepare snacks out of humble potatoes as they make the best snacks ever whether deep or shallow fried. For these toasts, a boiled masala potato layer is spread on bread slices and this layer is covered with sesame/til to pan fry or shallow fry
These toasts are so crisp and crunchy because of the sesame layer
Preparation time – 15 minutes
Cooking time – 15 minutes
Course – Evening Snack/party Snack/ Hi-Tea
Type – finger food
Author – Bharti Dhawan
Bread slices – 4 (white or brown)
Medium sized potatoes – 4
Salt, red chilly powder, pepper powder and chaat masala powder – 1 tsp each or per taste
Sesame seeds or safed til – 1/4 cup
Suffient oil or butter for shallow frying or pan frying
1-  First of all boil the potatoes. Peel and mash them so that there are no lumps
Add salt and powdered spices and keep aside
2-  Spread til/sesame in a plate or thali
3-  Take bread slices, chop off  their sides and spread a layer of potatoes on each of them
4-  Wet potato layer with little water or milk so that til stick to them easily. Put the potato layer downside on til so that they stick evenly
5-  Keep  all in the fridge for 5 minutes to set
6-  Heat oil in the pan to pan fry the toasts both sides until they get  golden brown with super crisp crust
7-  Or you can shallow fry the toast both sides until golden
8- Super crisp and tasty sesame/til toast are ready to enjoy with tomato ketchup
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