Very Berry Muffins


Very Berry Muffins are tightly packed with assorted berries whose vibrant colours and exceptional sweet-sour flavours seem to be oozing out to make anyone addicted. These drool-worthy muffins were passionately baked by me yesterday. As the fresh berries are not available in this season, so I opted for frozen ones. Those too were plump and juicy enough to use them in baking. The need was to remove from freezer half an hour before the baking was started


These oversized Berry muffins were baked without paper liners which helped them to rise perfectly, coming out of the mould cavities like mushrooms. This was a pleasure, watching them to rise through my oven door with a childlike curiosity 😊

Baking time – 25-30 min at 180°C
Course – Breakfast muffins /Hi-tea
Serves – 6
Author – Bharti Dhawan


• Cake flour/ All purpose flour- 1 cup /125 gms
• Light brown sugar – 3/4 cup /100 gms
• Melted butter – 80 gms
• Almond meal – 2 tbsp (almonds blend into flour)
• Eggs – 2 nos
• Assorted Berries (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries etc)- 1 cup
• Baking powder – 1 tsp
• Baking soda – 1/2 tsp

• Hand whisk or an electric one
• Spatula
• Mixing bowl
• Muffin tray


Firstly, take out the frozen berries from the freezer 30 minutes before the baking is started

Seive flour, baking powder and soda 2 times and keep aside

Grease the muffin mould with butter and keep aside

Take the mixing bowl and add eggs and brown sugar. Whisk continuously for 5 minutes to bring to the creamy and light consistency

Add sifted flour and almond meal in two batches and fold gently, scraping the batter from sides of the bowl

Add melted butter now and mix well. Add chopped berries and fold into the batter

Drop sufficient batter into each cavity up to 3/4th of the cavity height. Top the batter with some berries

Bake the berry muffins for 22-25 minutes at 180°C in a preheated oven. You can check them after 20 minutes by pressing with fingers. If they are too soft to touch, bake for more 4- 5 minutes

Allow them to rest for 5 minutes after the baking is completed. After that transfer on a wire rack to cool down

Very Berry Muffins are ready to enjoy with your tea or coffee

A Few Things To Remember While Baking with berries or any juicy fruit

1- If you get fresh berries this is too good, but in offseason when these are not available, dried berries can be opted. The need is to soak them in orange juice for a couple of hours or overnight to allow them to swell up.

2- Frozen Berries increase the moisture in the muffins and cakes, so recommend to remove them from freeze before half an hour from the baking is started. These would be firm enough ( avoid defrosting them in the microwave)

3- Almond meal helps to soak the extra moisture which comes with berries or any fresh fruit. Extra moisture in the batter prevents the muffins from rising perfectly

4- Apply the butter in the muffin moulds in the upward direction. This helps to rise them well

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