Watermelon Slush


Watermelon Slush

You would not wish anything else on a hot summer day other than a glass full of chilled watermelon slush as a right thirst quencher because opting for aerated drinks can add body weight only.

This ultra-fresh drink is a good appetizer too as I have added lemon juice, mint and black salt to it.
You would certainly like this as this is very easy to prepare within minutes. Only a few ingredients are blended together to make this refreshing drink. Aromatics such as mint and ginger enhance its flavour and freshness
So indulge  in a natural dose of vitamins n minerals and detox yourself with the start of the day
Prem Time – 5 min
Cook Time – Nil
Servings – 2
•  Watermelon chunks of medium size – 1 cup or(10-12 nos.)
•  Black salt – 1 tsp or to taste
•  Mint leaves – 5-6
•  Ginger – 1 and a half inch piece
•  Juice of half lemon
•  Ice cubes – 6-8
•  Chilled Water – 200 ml/1 cup


1-  Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend finely

2-  Strain the juice to avoid seeds and ginger pieces

3-  Serve the fresh and flavourful watermelon slush with ice cubes


*  Water can be replaced with orange juice or plain soda water

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