Corn – Pasta Salad


Corn pasta salad
If I am not wrong, salads are the healthiest and the  most soothing things to our eyes in the culinary world

Most of you would agree with me that setting and decorating a salad plate is an art. A colourful plate of salad invites you the most at the dinner table. So not exaggerating, this is an appetizer in a way.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of a salad are numerous as they add fiber to your diet to consume the essential vitamins and minerals. The credit goes to raw veggies and fruits which we add to this amazing salad.

Though salads’ variations are limitless, I am sharing a unique salad today. This is a cold salad and I have added corn, macaroni pasta, a few veggies, and fruits to it. The salad is creamy but hey hey! no cream is used because the hung curd replaces it. And surprisingly, the dressing too is not a regular one. I have dressed my salad with coriander- raw mango chutney for a spicy-tangy kick
Hope you would love the taste of this lovely salad

Corn – Pasta Salad
Preparation time – 30 minutes
Cooking time – 10 minutes
Type – salad/ starter/ appetizer
Serves – 6
• Thick curd or yogurt – 2 cups or 500 gms
• Macaroni pasta – 1 cup
• Sweet corn – 3 cups
• Water – sufficient for boiling corn and pasta
• Cucumber/ kheera – 2 medium-sized (chopped into small chunks)
• Peaches / aadu- 2 medium-sized (chopped into chunks)
• Plums / aalu bukhara – 2 medium-sized (chopped into chunks)
• Chopped onions (medium-sized) – 1/2
• Salt 1 tsp for salad+1 tsp while boiling water
• Black pepper powder – 1 tsp
• Vegetable Oil – 1 tsp (while boiling water)
• Mint-raw mango chutney for dressing – 2 tbsps
1 – First of all, hang the curd or yogurt for 30 minutes in a muslin cloth or strainer to drain its water
Whisk it well and refrigerate
2 –  Whilst,  Keep water boiling and add corn, macaroni, salt, and oil
When the above ingredients are boiled well and softened,  strain them through a colander and keep them aside to cool completely
3 – Next, take a bowl and combine all the ingredients including
fruits and veggies mentioned above in the ‘INGREDIENTS ‘

4 – Set the salad mix in a dish and drizzle some coriander- raw mango chutney for a spicy-tangy kick
5 – A creamy corn-pasta salad is ready to add nutrition and color to your diet
Notes -:
* Serve this salad chilled
* When pasta is boiled, rinse it with cold water to avoid sticking
*Add any fruits or veggies to your taste or availability of seasonal ones
* This dish can be served as a starter too
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