Aam-Karele Ka Achaar/ How To Make Raw Mango-Bitter Gourd Pickle/ A Unique Pickle Recipe


Aam-Karele Ka Achaar/ Raw Mango-Bitter Gourd Pickle/ आम-करेले का अचार

Yes, you heard it right! Raw mango and karela /bitter gourd make a very unique pickle as both are pole apart in the context of taste and texture. One is intensely sour and the other is extremely bitter. But what if we combine them to make a pickle or achaar. You will be wondered that when this pickle is matured, with specific spices both whole and powdered, the outcome is a perfect balance of taste and texture. Mustard oil works it’s best to give the pickle a pungency, preventing from spoiling.


Undoubtedly, our meals are incomplete without achaars or pickles. We are so passionate about our pickles that transform any vegetable or fruit even meats and fish into pickles. The need is to take care of the quantity of the ingredients and their perfect ratio while processing the pickles at home


The most important thing while making pickle is to take care of hygiene. The kitchen towel, vessels and the jars must be clean. Also, make sure to wash your hands before starting the process

Secondly, the veggies or fruit which are going to be pickled should be completely dry. They must be dried well after the cutting and chopping. Moisture can spoil the pickle easily, producing fungus in it

The vegetables or fruit which are going to be pickled, must unripe and raw. The riped ones contain moisture and spoil the pickle

The amount of salt and oil must be sufficient, to the higher side. A right amount of both the ingredients prevent the pickles from spoiling

Prep time – 2-3 hrs
Ready in 7-8 days
Type – Pickles/ Side Dish
Author – Bharti Dhawan


• Raw mangoes – 2 kg
• Karele / butter gourd – 500 gms
• Mustard oil – 1 lt
• Saunf /fennel seeds – 200 gms
• Methi dana/ fenugreek seeds – 100 gms
• Kalonji/ onion seeds – 100 gms
• Salt – 125 gms
• Red chilly powder – 4 tbsp or 60 gms
• Haldi/ turmeric powder – 3 tbsp or 50 gms


1- Rinse mangoes and karelas under running water and dry them with a kitchen towel

2- Cut mangoes into cubes of 3/3 cm, discarding the seeds. Chop karelas/ bitter gourds into medium thin round slices

3- Spread chopped mangoes and karela chips on a clean sheet and dry them completely under the sun or fan for 2 hrs

  • If you are drying them under the sun, cover them with a clean muslin cloth to prevent the dust or unwanted stuff

4- Whilst, add the whole spices (saunf, methi dana and kalonji) to a blender and blend into a coarse powder (I don’t make them too powdery)

5- Now, take a big and broad vessel or paraat and add dried mango and karela slices to it. Add salt, all the spices both powdered and whole to it. Also, add 1/4 of oil that is approx 250 ml to the mango and karela

6- Mix everything with both hands almost coating and massaging well. Make sure that masala and whole spices coat the aam and karela. The oil helps to bind well

7- Drop this into a jar by pressing tightly to fill the gaps. Cover the jar’s mouth with a clean muslin cloth and keep in the sun for 2 days. Shake the jars at intervals

8- After 2 days pour the remaining mustard oil that is 750 ml at the fullest, covering the pickle. Now, cover the jar with the lid and keep in the Sun for more 1 week

  • Adding all the mustard oil in the beginning delays in maturing the pickle, so I add the remaining 3/4th quantity after 2 days

9- The pickle will start maturing slowly in the sunlight and smell of mustard oil and bitterness of karela will be gone with the maturity.

10- Transfer the pickle to small jar for use. Enjoy Aam Karele Ka Achaar with your meals

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