Bathua Riata

Bathua or chenopodium is a leafy vegetable grown across the extent of the country. This is basically a weedy plant that grows very easily and is edible for the human. These leaves are full of nutrition and contain essential minerals and amino acids
Bathua leaves are available in the winter months and prepare lots of amazing dishes. When added to mustard and spinach leaves they make a scrumptious saag dish. Chopped leaves added to chapati flour make such yummy bathua paranthas. And above all the raita made with these leaves is such a unique and yummy yogurt-based dish that has a cool effect on both your plate as well the stomach. This raita goes well with main course dishes as a side dish. The nutritive value of bathua is increased when its blanched leaves are added to the fresh and creamy curd or yoghurt. I add some grated ginger and pudina-bhuna jeera masala to make it more relishable

Bathua Raita
Preparation time   20 minutes
Making time   5 minutes
Servings   4-6
Cuisine   Indian
1- Bathua leaves – 250 gms or a bunch (washed  well)
2- Fresh curd – 500 gms or 2 cups
3- Salt, roasted cumin powder, black pepper powder, and red chilly flakes – as per taste
4- grated ginger and chopped green chilly – 1 tsp each
5- Sufficient water for blanching the leaves
1-  First of all, keep the water for boiling and add chopped bathua leaves
2-  After 2 minutes switch off the gas and strain bathua leaves
3-  The leaves are soft now. Let them cool and chop finely.
4-  Whisk the curd and add all the spices mentioned above along with pudina masala
5-  Add chopped bathua leaves and mix well
6-  Add grated ginger and chopped chillis. Tasty and nutritious bathua raita is ready to serve. Add salt just before serving it


* The leaves should be washed well to get rid of the excess soil

* A tadka/tempering of ghee, jeera, chilies, and rai can be given to this raita. Tadka increases the taste

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