Chatpata Achaari Paneer

Chatpata Achaari Paneer
Achaari Paneer is a lip-smacking paneer curry which has robust flavours of Indian pickles. If you are fond of pickles or achaar, you would definitely like this dish.
I hope that everyone would agree with me that if there is 1 thing which has brought us together,  is the pickle only…..It is relished and eaten fondly across the country
This is our love for the pickles that our meal does not complete without this.
In most of the Thalies of India pickles and chutneys are to be served first. I have tried to bring together the two most miraculous, popular and favourite stuff of all and that is mango pickle marsala and paneer or cottage cheese
This paneer dish has a little tanginess which we feel while eating mango pickles and its achaar-like flavours and aromas come with those specific spices and mustard oil we generally use in our mango pickles.
Preparation time – 10 minutes
Cooking time 20 minutes
Course – main dish
Serves – 4
1- Paneer /cottage cheese – 250 gms.
2- Kaju powder- 1 tablespoon
3- Chopped tomatoes – 1 cup or 4 medium-sized
4- Ginger – 1 Inch piece
5- Green chillies – 2 nos.
6- Whole red chillies – 1-2 nos.<span;>
7- Pickle spices (Methi seeds, cumin seeds, onion seeds, mustard seeds, fennel seeds) – 1 teaspoon each
8- Aam ke achaar ka masala – 1 tbsp
9 –  Salt – to taste
10 – Heeng powder – 1 teaspoon
10- Mustard or any other regular oil – 2 tablespoons (I used mustard oil)

Preparations -:
1 –   Dry roast achaar masala with red chillies and grind coarsely in a grinder
2 – blend tomatoes, ginger and green chillies to make the puree
3   – grind cashews to paste and keep it aside
4  – cut paneer into desired cubes
1- Heat oil to smoking point and add heeng powder
2- Add coarsely ground achaar marsala powder and stir at low flame
3- Add cashew/kaaju paste and roast for a few seconds
4- Add tomato puree and cook until everything is mixed together  and becomes a gravy-like consistency
5- Add salt now and water. Stir the gravy and let it boil at low flame
6- Time to add paneer cubes and cook the dish for a while until the oil leaves the pan. Drizzle some aam ke achaar ka masala and it’s oil over the dish
7- Paneer will absorb all the achaar masala flavour
8- Tasty achaari Paneer is ready to serve with roti or paranthas
* Notes
* Masala of any pickle can be used
* Kaaju/cashew paste is optional. I used this to thicken the gravy and balance the tanginess of the tomatoes
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