Paneer Do Mirchi Dish


Paneer-Do-Mirchi dish is surprisingly different to hear and the flavours are quite distinct from other well-known PANEER/ COTTAGE CHEESE dishes. Actually, paneer dishes are widely relished in my family, so I have to experiment with paneer to create many more interesting ones with this wonderful and versatile ingredient.

Paneer Do Mirchi

 This dish is prepared with 2 types of chillies and you will be surprised to know that still not spicy. I believe, that too many spices always overpower the main dish and kids do not relish it. The chillies I have used in this dish are, One is red bell pepper and the other is fresh red Kashmiri Mirch. Both the peppers are not spicy but contain a little sweetness in them. When we sauté them at full flame they become charred, giving them smoky flavours and aromas. Smoked Paprika or Kashmiri red chilly powder enhances its flavours and tomatoes give the body to this curry. I have not added onions to this dish as these ruin the flavour of smoked peppers. Very easy to prepare this dish requires only a few ingredients and the result is overwhelming

Preparation time – 10 minutes
Cooking time – 25 minutes
Coarse – main course
Servings – 4
1-  Paneer /cottage cheese ( cut into desired cubes) – 250 gms
2-  Red bell pepper – 1 big sized
3-  Fresh red Kashmiri chilly – 1 big sized
4-  Tomatoes (coarsely chopped) – 250 gms
5-  Garlic cloves – 7-8 nos
6-  Red Paprika powder or Kashmiri red chilly powder  –  2 Tsp
7-  Salt to taste
8-  Oil 1 tbsp for curry+ 1 tbsp for pan-frying paneer

1-  first of all pan fry paneer cubes till golden brown and keep aside.
2-  In the same pan add more oil and heat this to sauté garlic cloves 
3- Now add both the peppers and saute at full flame until they become dark brown or charred
*  This will help them to gain a smoky flavour

4-  Next, add chopped tomatoes and cook them at full flame until they get softened
5-  Add salt and red pepper powder and mix well. Allow them to cook well with peppers and tomatoes
6- Switch off the gas and bring it to normal temperature
7-  Blend this into a fine paste

8- Next, transfer this masala paste to the pan and cook well for a minute
9-  Finally, add cubed paneer and give 1 or 2 boils.
10- Tasty and smoky paneer  do mirchi is ready to serve with roti or paratha
* If fresh Kashmiri red chilly is not available to you,  the dried whole Kashmiri chilly can be used.
For this, dry roast the chilly in a pan or gas burner and soak in water for some time. Blend it with the red bell pepper to get a perfect smoky flavour