Choor-Choor Ajwain Parantha / Crisp Parantha With Carom Seeds


This breakfast essential is flavoured with ajwain/carom seeds. Its name describes its super crisp or khasta texture and the texture comes the way it is cooked with applying ghee in layers and the way it is served after crushing with hands. Each layer is separated yet remains wonderfully crisp, leaving you to feel in heaven


This Parantha is very rustic or desi which is cooked as everyday breakfast in Punjabi and Haryanvi households. The super crisp layers loaded with ghee and ajwain is nothing but the love and affection of moms or grandmoms. (this is definitely a matter of research that how their hands become heatproof sometimes 🤔)This Parantha is served with butter and curd. I love this Parantha with Aloo ka Raita.

Course – Breakfast/Main Cuisine – Punjab/Haryana Author – Bharti Dhawan


•  Whole Wheat Atta Dough

 •  Dry atta for dusting

•  Ghee – 2 tsp for each parantha

•  Salt – 2 tsp/ to taste

•  Red chilly powder – 2 tsp

•  Ajwain/carrom seeds – 2 tsp


1-  Take a handful of dough and roll into a ball with the help of some oil or ghee
2-  Spread the dough on the surface with the help of a rolling pin. Some flour will be required for the dusting to ease the spreading into a thin disk

3-  Spread 1 tsp ghee,  a pinch of salt,  red chilly powder and ajwain/seeds

4-  Fold the disk in a way to make pleats. These pleats will form many layers in the parantha

5-  Now fold these pleats to make a roll. Dust this roll with dry atta and spread with the rolling pin

6-  Heat tawa on medium flame and cook this parantha both sides until it gets golden brown marks

7-  Apply 1 tsp ghee on one side and cook for a few seconds.  Ghee will help to cook the parantha evenly and get the right colour and crispiness

8-  Crush the parantha with hands or a kitchen towel before serving. Serve the super crisp ajwain parantha with Mushroom-do-pyaza and aloo ka raita

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