Cucumber Raita/ Kheere Ka Raita


This crunchy vegetable has the most cooling effect on your food plate and the body as well. Cucumber helps to restore our digestive health. This salad veggie contains a pretty good amount of vitamin B which helps in reducing the damaging effects of stress


When added to the curd to make cucumber raita,  it becomes the most soothing to the digestive system, especially in summers. This riata reduces the heat effect, helps in weight loss and builds immunity. Pudina Bhuna Jeera Masala is added to it to make it an appetizer. Jeera or cumin too has a cooling effect and helps in easy digestion

On to the recipe
What all you need to make Cucumber Riata

•  Thick curd or plain yogurt – 1 cup
•  Grated cucumber/kheera – 1 cup+some small chunks for crunch
•  Black salt – 1/2 tsp
•  White/table salt – 1/2 tsp
•  Pudina-Bhuna jeera masala – 1 tsp
•  chopped mint leaves

1-  Whisk the curd with a beater

2-  Add grated and chunks of cucumber and mix

*  The chunks of cucumber add a crunch and bite to the raita
3-  Add Black pepper powder and pudina bhuna jeera masala

4- Add both black and white salt just before serving. Serve chilled with the main course
*   Adding salt beforehand makes the curd sour, so it is better to add it just before serving

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