Gajar Ki Kheer / Carrot kheer

Gajar Ki Kheer

Kheer is a milk-based pudding prepared by adding some of the other ingredients. This traditional milk-based pudding does not need any special occasions to be cooked on. We fondly cook and eat the kheer across the lengths and breadths of our country. Although the name is different in the different region yet the favourite of all age groups. The rice kheer is the most popular yet a large variety is cooked with different Ingredients like seviyan kheer, paneer ki kheer(Chhanaar Payesh), kaddu ki kheer, Coconut Rice Kheer and so on.


Here is gajar ki kheer/ carrot kheer today to be shared with all of you. Gajar ki kheer is different from gajar ka halwa, though the basic ingredients are the same like milk and carrots but this is enriched with an almond-date paste. Hope you will try this yummy kheer in your kitchen and share your experience with me

Prep time – 15 min
Cooking time – 45 min
Cuisine – Indian
Course – Dessert
Author – Bharti Dhawan


•  Whole milk – 500 ml
•  Grated gajar/carrots – 1 cup from4 medium sized carrots
•  Sugar – 2 tbsp or to taste
•  Almonds/badaam (dehusked)  – 15
•  Dates/ khajoor – 4-5
•  Some broken cashew nuts/tukda kaaju
•  Ghee – 1 tsp
•  A few strands of saffron/Kesar


1-  Add almonds in boiling water for 2 minutes. Transfer into cold water and dehusk them.

2-  Grind almonds with dates to make a paste and grate carrots to proceed

3-  Take a heavy bottom saucepan or kadahi and add milk to boil. When 1 boil comes time to add grated carrots, almond-dates paste saffron and sugar. Bring the flame to the sim

4-  let the mix boil at slow flame. It will become thick in 40 minutes

5-  Heat ghee in a tadka pan. Add kaju tukda and fry till it gets golden colour. Add this kaju tadka to gajar ki kheer and mix well

6-  Serve tasty kheer hot or at room temperature