Mooli Ka Khatta-Theekha Achaar/ A Tangy-Spicy Radish Pickle


A few more days to go and this root vegetable will disappear from my local vegetable market (as the weather is changing). Before I say goodbye to it I wanted to preserve it to consume later and nothing is better than a pickle to preserve a veggie like this which you love the most.

I add radish to my day-to-day menu during the winter season. This is so versatile that you can consume it in any form. Whether eaten raw as a salad, stuff it to make yummy mooli ka paranthas or cook a unique side dish lal mooli-shalgam ki sabji.


The pickle made with mooli adds taste and flavours to the main course, especially with dals. Mustard oil is added to it, making it more pungent and you love its ultra-strong flavour

Prep time – 10 min Cook time – 10 min Ready in 4-5 days Type – Pickle/Side Dish Cuisine – Indian Author – Bharti Dhawan


1- Radish/Mooli – 1 kg

2- Mustard oil – 3 tbsp/50 ml

3- Salt – 3 tsp or to taste

4- Red chilly powder – 3 tsp or to taste

5- Rai seeds/mustard seeds/achaar vali rai – 4 tsp

Step By Step
1- P
ound the mustard seeds coarsely and keep aside

2- Peel and chop the radish into medium-thick sticks of 4 inches long or according to your choice

*Medium-thick sticks give a good crunch

3- Take a broad mixing bowl and add all the ingredients to it

4- Mix everything well with your hands and drop them into a glass jar

5- Keep this jar with the lid on in the sun for 4-5 days. Shake the bottle from time to time so that the spices are coated nicely and everything is incorporated well
This pickle gets ready within a week to consume

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