Moongra Raita/ Moongre Ka Raita


We start loving curd and curd based products with the arrival of the summer season. Curd or yogurt has the most cooling effects on our stomach. Not only this wonderful ingredient makes the digestive system healthy, clearing off the harmful bacteria


The preparation with curd we love the most is the Raita. An add of other ingredients like a fruit or a vegetable makes the raita quite interesting and tempting. There may be countless options for these ingredients. Moongra is one of them. This is a deep-fried small fritters made with fermented moong dal batter. This moongra gives a nice crunch to the raita. This is easily available in a nankeen or farsaan store

On to the recipe

Prep time – 5 min
Cook time –  nil
Course – main
Cuisine – Indian
Author – Bharti Dhawan


•  Thick curd or Yogurt – 1 cup/250 gms
•  Moongra fritters – 100 gms
•  Black salt – 1 tsp
•  Pudina Bhuna Jeera Masala – 1 tsp
•  A few nuts ( cashew nuts, raisens etc) 
•  Fresh mint leaves

Step By Step

1-  Whisk the curd with a hand whisk to a smooth consistency
2-  Add pudina bhuna jeera masala, mint leaves and nuts
3-  Add salt and moongra just before serving

*Adding salt beforehand turns the curd sour

*Adding the moongra beforehand make them soggy and you won’t like that for sure

4-  Serve moongra raita chilled with the main course

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