When paneer goes nutty

The nutty paneer sounds crazy but when you take a bite of this snack, you never want it to be finished sooner. No other snack is such tempting other than this. There are two reasons behind this, firstly paneer is the base which is the most favourite of all, and the other is, this paneer is coated with roasted peanuts which not only give it the crunch but also the nutrition


This is one of the most indulgent snacks from Paneer Paradise. Undoubtedly, paneer is a prominent part of our cuisine and the most popular amongst us especially the kids, and we use it in numerous ways from breakfast to main course dishes
This snack is packed with proteins as both of the main ingredients, Paneer or Cottage cheese and the peanuts provide us essential proteins which are necessary for the growth of muscles, hair and the nails

Course – Starter/Appetizer
Cuisine – Indian
Serves – 3-4
Author – Bharti Dhawan


• Paneer stakes/ slices of medium size and thickness – 8-10 nos (approx. 250 gms)

Coriander Chutney – 5-6 tbsp or as required

• Roasted groundnut (crushed) – 1/2 cup

• Oil – 2 tbsp for pan frying


1- Marinate the paneer stakes/ slices with green chutney and refrigerate for 10 minutes

2- Make a coarse powder of the groundnuts by pulsing for 3-4 times and transfer to a plate

3- Next, roll the marinated paneer stakes into groundnut powder and press the nuts with a spatula so that they stick to the marinated paneer

4- Now pan fry them both sides till golden brown. Keep the flame at low as roasted peanuts might burn in no time

5- Prepare all the paneer stakes like this and Serve the yummy snack as an appetizer before the main course

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