Besan Cheela With Paneer Bhurji Filling


This hearty brunch comes out when two of my favourites are served together to make it a scrumptious oneūüíē


Besan cheela or savoury pancake from chickpea flour is our all time favourite.This is one of the dishes which can be eaten any time of the day and if served with any paneer or cottage cheese  preparation like paneer bhurji as a filling, this is always a win!win!

Both the stuffs do not need any introduction when there is a talk about their nutritional benefits.Besan or chickpea flour is highly recommended by the nutritionalis for its protein content and cottage cheese or paneer fulfills the daily need of dairy.Above all, this combo satisfies  my monsoon cravings  as a brunch on a lazy sunday!!

Traditionally we add a few seasonal veggies and onion to the batter of these cheela or pancakes but when I use some or the other fillings into them, i avoid to add veggies to the batter as the filling of paneer bhurji or soy keema is quite enough to make them a heartful meal

On to the recipe

Course – Brunch/Breakfast

 Prep Time Р10 Min

 Cook Time Р15 Min

 Total Time Р25 Min

 Yield Р4 Servings

 Author РBharti Dhawan


1 – Besan or chickpea flour – 1 cup
2 – Water – 2 cups
3 – Salt – to taste or 1 tsp is quite enough as paneer bhurji also has salt
4 РRed chilly powder Р1 tsp or to taste
5 – Turmeric powder or haldi – 1 tsp
6 – Roasted cumin powder – 1 tsp
7 – Oil or ghee – 2 tsps for each cheela/pancake


1 – Make a batter of all the ingredients except oil

2 – Batter should be whisked well to avoid lumps

3 – Keep the batter at rest for 15 minutes to incorporate everything

4 – Heat a nonstick pan and add 1 tsp oil.Spread one ladleful of batter on it and let it cook at medium flame

5 – When cooked one side spread 1 more tsp of oil and flip the pan cake to cook the other side until golden brown

6 – When cooked and cooled a little, spread some paneer bhurji on it as a filling.

Fold or roll the cheela with tasty paneer bhurji as the filling and Serve this hearty n healthy dish with cucumber-tomato salsa

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