Moong Sprout Cutlets/A Wholesome Breakfast/A Yummy Snack


Green moong dal sprouts cutlets mixed with fresh seasonal veggies are a complete package of nutrition and taste that can be served as an evening snack or a  breakfast dish. Whole green moong with sprouts is included in my day-to-day menu. I steam them to make a moong sprout salad adding fresh salad veggies or sometimes pan fry them in little oil to make these delicious cutlets


These cutlets are delicate to handle as veggies release some liquid so I have added some rice flour and besan/gram flour to them. Bread crumbs can also be added for binding to make it easier to pan fry easily. I love to add crushed roasted peanuts into the dough for the crunch. The making is very easy, not only this, you will love to have something different as snacks

Course- Breakfast/evening snack

Prep time – 30 min Cook Time – 20 min

Ingredients – 
  sprouted green moong – 1 cup

•  Rice flour – 2 tsp

•  Besan/gram flour – 2 tbsp

•  Finely shredded cabbage – 1/4 cup

•  Finely chopped onions – 1/4 cup

•  Grated carrots – 2 tbsp

•  Coriander leaves – 2 tbsp

•  Roasted peanuts(crushed or pounded) – 1/4 cup

•  Salt – to taste

•  Red chilly powder – 1 tsp or to taste

•  Chaat masala – 2 tsp or to taste

•  Cumin seeds/jeera – 1 tsp

•  Sufficient oil to pan fry the cutlets/2-3 tbsp

Ingredients for garnish
  A few beetroot shreds for garnish

•  some moong sprouts(raw) for garnish

–  Steam the moong sprouts to make them soft (not mushy) and keep them aside to cool

2-  Take a big mixing bowl and add all the ingredients except oil.

3- Mix and combine well all the ingredients with your hand to make a dough

4-  Take 1 tsp dough each time and shape them like cutlets by pressing between palms. Grease a plate and place all of them on it. When made keep in the fridge for 20 minutes to set

5-  Add oil to pan and heat. Pan fry cutlets at low flame till they get the golden brown colour on both sides

6-  Garnish the cutlets with beetroot shreds and some unsteamed sprouts to serve with raw mango-coriander chutney


If You find the dough very delicate to handle, add a little more flour or bread crumbs to make the binding easy

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