Pyaaz Matar Ki Khasta Kachori

Pyaaz Matar Ki Kachori

Festivals are the time to make something special and traditional. No matter we cook and cherish a number of dishes these days. Still, we all love our desi snacks. Khasta kachori is one of those good’ol desi snacks. These savoury snacks keep a special place in our hearts. This flaky Indian savoury pastry is fondly eaten with chutneys and aloo ki sabji. No particular time is set to eat this irresistible crispy kachori. The variations are numerous to prepare, but today I went for famous Rajasthani Pyaaz matar ki kachori. This kachori has a delectable stuffing of caramelized onions, peas and our favourite whole and powdered spices


Ingredients for stuffing
  Oil – 1 tbsp

•  Chopped onions – 1 big

•  Matar/peas(blanched) – 1/4 cup

•  Besan/gram flour – 2 tsp

•  Salt, red chilly powder, garam masala powder, haldi/turmeric powder – 1 tsp each or to taste

•  Heeng/asafoetida – 1 tsp

•  Jeera/cumin seeds – 1 tsp

•  Coriander/dhania seeds – 1 tsp

Ingredients for kachori
  Maida – 1 cup

•  Atta – 1/4 cup

•  Lukewarm water – 1/2 cup (the quantity of water can be less or more as required) 

•  Oil – 2 tbsp

•  Salt – 1 tsp

•  Oil for deep frying

Instructions for filling
–  Heat oil in a pan or kadahi and add jeera, sabut dhania and heeng powder. Let them crackle for a while

2-  Add chopped onions and cook for a minute until they change colour a little bit

3-  Add blanched matar and stir. You can crush them a little with a spoon

4-  Add salt and all the powdered spices and cook/bhunow them for a while

5-  Next add besan/gram flour and bhunow/roast it by stirring continuously for a few seconds. Switch off the flame and let the filling cool down completely

Instructions For Kachori
–  Mix maida, atta, salt and oil. Mix everything rubbing with hands to get the grainy texture

2-  Add Luke warm water little at a time to knead medium hard like poori atta

3-  Cover it with a wet cloth and keep at rest for 15 minutes

4-  Knead again to make it soft and divide into equal portions to make balls to stuff
*  You can make big or small to your choice
–  Heat oil for deep frying at medium-low flame

6-  Flatten each ball with a rolling pin and stuff 1 tsp filling. Cover each to collect the corners with fingers to make balls again
*  Stuffing should not be overloaded to avoid splitting in oil
–  Flatten lightly with hands or rolling pin to deep fry at low flame

8-  Fry 1 kachori at a time till golden brown by flipping carefully

9-  Serve the khasta Pyaz-Matar ki kachori with  chutneys