Moong Dal Shorba/Moong Dal Soup Recipe


Moong dal shorba/ मूंग दाल शोरबा
Food is delicious medicine!

Monsoon is here with all the ailments which hit us during the season. The change in season makes us suffer from cough, colds and sour throat. At this time around we have to take care of the diet which not only cures such seasonal diseases but also helps to strengthen our immunity to fight against these seasonal diseases. Our digestion becomes poor and flues or fevers easily catch us in such harsh season


Our eating choice should be lighter like soups, stews, rasams and shorbas. Vegetable or lentil soups with the addition of a few spices would be the best choice for this season. Especially moong dals are light on the stomach and easily digestible. This moong dal soup or shorba has a few spices like cloves, black pepper, cinnamon and bay leaf have medicinal properties to boost up the health and flavours

Prep time – 5 min
Cook time – 20 min
Type – Soup
Served – 4
Author – Bharti Dhawan


Moong dal (washed) – 1 cup
Chopped tomatoes – 1 big
Garlic cloves – 4-5
Bay leaves or tej patta – 2-3
Black pepper, cloves/long, cinnamon stick and bay leaf/tej patta
Salt – 2 tsp or to taste
Turmeric powder/Hadi – 1 tsp
Water – 5-6 cups

For Tadka / Tempering

Ghee – 1 tablespoon
Red chilly whole(chopped) – 1-2 or tastewise
Cumin seeds/jeera – 1 tsp
Fresh coriander for garnish


1- Firstly, add dal, water, chopped tomatoes, garlic cloves, salt, haldi powder, tej patta, cinnamon stick and garlic cloves to a pressure cooker

2- Close the lid and cook dal for 8-10 minutes at medium flame. Next, open the lid and allow dal to cool down a little. Take out the bay leaf and cinnamon stick

3- Now blend dal in a mixer and prepare for tadka/ tempering

Tempering/ Tadka

1- Heat ghee in a pan and add cumin seeds and chopped red chillies. When crackle, add tadka to dal soup or shorba

  • You can replace whole red chilly with red chilly powder or use both if you love teekha

2- Garnish the moong dal shorba with fresh coriander leaves and serve with toasted bread

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