Top 10+Recipes With Green Moong Dal- blastoflavours recipes


Do you not give the whole moong dal the lowest preference to cook ’cause you don’t always like its pale-blunt taste! If the jar of green moong dal rests behind the other ones on your kitchen shelf, then it’s time to place it in the front row. This is time to cook some delicious dishes with this versatile dal. This rustic and simple looking dal has high nutritive values containing the best plant proteins. So its the time, to add these healthy beans to your day to day menu in some way or the other. 

Green Whole Moong Dal

Here are 10 recipes to cherish, right from healthy soups and salads to dhokla, dosa and idli. Not only this simple looking dal with a tadka of nuts can give this a Royal touch. Poories and pakoras for fried food lovers. The variety is wide enough to gorge on!!

Course – Soup, salad, breakfast, main course

Cuisine – Indian

Author – Bharti Dhawan

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1–  Green Moong Dal Soup/Lentil Soup
This healthy lentil soup is quite different from vegetable soups. Use of whole spices and a garlic tadka not only makes it aromatic but also adds some medicinal values to prevent winter or monsoon ailments

Green Moong Dal Soup/ Lentil Soup

2-  Moong Sprouts Salad

This spouted moong dal salad with some other veggies make you feel good after having it. This is the best appetizer just before the main course or a super healthy breakfast to kick start a day

3 – Moong dal dosa Or Pesarattu Recipe

This Andhra delicacy does not need the fermentation and the batter can be prepared with overnight soaked and then ground moong gram. This healthy and tasty dosa or pesarattu can be a part of any meal of the day and goes very well with chutneys or sambhar

Moong Dal Dosa/ Pesarattu

4- Moong Dal Dhokla

This Gujrati delicacy is a perfect breaky or evening snack and prepared with the instantly fermented batter. Very healthy and filling and ideal for those who are following weight loss programs

Moong Dal Dhokla

5- Moong Dal Idli

Steamed snack with well fermented batter makes a perfect lunch box idea. This dish goes very well with piping hot sambhar

Moong Dal Idli

6- Dapka ni Kadhi / green moong dal kadhi

Again a tasty main course dish from Gujarat. The fried fritters with moong dal batter  dropped into the buttermilk based kadhi can become the favourite of yours

Dapka ni Gugrati Kadhi

7 – Sabut Moong ki Chatpati Sookhi Dal/ Moong dal Chaat

This chatpati-tangy-spicy dal is prepared dry and eaten with poories or sometimes as a moong chaat. Chopped onions, tomatoes and sprinkle of lemon juice and chaat masala increase the flavour and you can’t resist yourself by cooking it quite often

Green Moong Ki Sookhi Dal/ Moong dal chaat

8- Cooked Moong Dal Ki Stuffed Poori

This North Indian specialty is the favourite of my family. Very different from ordinary poories are fried after stuffing the dry cooked dal into dough and then deep fried. I am pretty sure that you too will make it quite often in your kitchen

Cooked Moong dal Ki Stuffed Poorie

9 – Moong Sabut Dal With Chironji Tadka

Heard it right! This yummy dal with a tadka added with some chironji nuts make it a special dish and worth to cherished by those who do not like this dal so much. Chironji nuts give it a nutty flavour giving this rustic dal a Royal touch. A must try in your kitchens

Green Moong Dal With Chironji Tadka

10- Green Moong Dal Pakode/Fritters

Last but not least!  This recipe is for pakoda lovers or for those who like to experiment with different flavours. This moong dal pakode with the stuffing of aaloo and pyaz(potato/onions) Will definitely give you a different yet amazing taste. 

Green Moong Dal Ke Pakode

11- Green moong dal sprouts cutlets mixed with fresh seasonal veggies is a complete package of nutrition and taste which can be served as an evening snack or a  breakfast dish.

Moong Sprouts Cutlets


The healthiest green moong dal toasts are a protein packed toasts which are quite fulfilling and nutritious. These toasts are shallow fried after being dipped into the moong dal batter. The moong dal batter has been grinded with soaked skinned moong dal and a few aromatics. These tasty toasts are a great lunch box idea too